Patti is a Long Island native where her love of performing led to the “No singing at the dinner table” rule.  Thanks mom and dad.

Currently working out of NYC, Patti is a William Esper Alumni and was requested by Bill himself to study in his master class after he watched her performance of the title character in the one act play Dolores.  

Alongside her unparalleled hula-hoop talent, (you can find her winning free drink coupons at all the family resorts), she has also found success in voice over, hosting and theater. Patti has helped create numerous roles in musical workshops.  Her favorite, The Greenwich Village Follies was chosen by Backstage as one of the top ten performances of the year alongside Mark Rylance. 

Though she misses the immediate gratification of applause and laughter that accompanies live theater, nowadays Patti is more likely to be found in an indie TV pilot or movie. She fulfilled her childhood dream when she appeared as a prima ballerina on NBC's The Blacklist.  You are more likely to have seen her floating around all the major networks with the dozens of national commercials she has shot. #getashark

Patti is passionate about happy jars, pizza and pregnant people. She is a DONA certified Doula.



Check out two of her favorite commercials below and reels in the media section.


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